Bitcoin at 10000 again

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bitcoin 10000

Bitcoin is at 10000 again and of course the internet is freaking out. What is most interesting is that the oscillating “altcoins” seem to be in a frenzy to drum up buzz for their respective projects be they greener/better/smarter or just more ambitions in the Bernie Madoff/wolf of wall street… Read more »

Bitcoin SV

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The second biggest fork of bitcoin after bitcoin cash aka bitcoin sv or satoshis vision just flipped bitcoin cash but how could a coin with half the liquidity of bcash do this? The simple answer is people think that Craig Wright is “the real satoshi” but if this is true… Read more »

Bits as Cash

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bits as cash

Many people got into crypto so replace the cash in their wallet, effectively dematerializing cash using software and subscribed to the mission of “give me more places to spend my crypto cash”. When bitcoin transactions were not worth much this worked great but when more people want to do the… Read more »