Money Supply
Bitcoin and the Death of the Middleman

Making a phone call used to be more like pressing 0 on a hotel phone, limited by the telephone companies ability to train people to literally connect people, then software made away the limitation and the middleman. Most auctions prior to eBay required a trained auctioneer before software came along and revolutionized bidding. Advertising also […]

state backed cryptocurrency
Is State Backed Stable Cryptocurreny The Future?

Stablecoins like Tether have proven themselves useful in the growing crypto ecosystem. It was not that many years ago that their “stability” was questioned as they have points of failure, the most obvious one being having their funds frozen instantly rendering the value down to 0. Yet they have not only survived but they have […]

bitcoin 10000
Bitcoin at 10000 again

Bitcoin is at 10000 again and of course the internet is freaking out. What is most interesting is that the oscillating “altcoins” seem to be in a frenzy to drum up buzz for their respective projects be they greener/better/smarter or just more ambitions in the Bernie Madoff/wolf of wall street style. Bitcoin 10k for many […]

bitcash worldwide
BitCash in developing countries

Some people’s first encounter with a foreign currency is when they go on holiday and some of the most affordable places have some quirky currencies. Take Thailand for example, their cash is so large that it barely fits in a wallet (probably more king portrait real estate) and their largest note is $32.77 while their […]

Bitcoin SV

The second biggest fork of bitcoin after bitcoin cash aka bitcoin sv or satoshis vision just flipped bitcoin cash but how could a coin with half the liquidity of bcash do this? The simple answer is people think that Craig Wright is “the real satoshi” but if this is true or not just because you […]

Bitcoin vs inequality

For the longest time bitcoin was supposed to give the “unbanked” a bank account for the first time but that is like saying it will give them a email address and a password for the first time but if they lose their password there is not a customer support department or an IT admin capable […]

bitcoin vs gold
Why bitcoin is better than gold

For thousand years almost since the beginning of civilization gold emerged as the monetary system even when those people never met each other because gold has special properties such as being permanent, divisible, non corrosive, etc and it is rare. Yet this all happened in a time before anybody with any net worth had a […]