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Bits as Cash

Many people got into crypto so replace the cash in their wallet, effectively dematerializing cash using software and subscribed to the mission of “give me more places to spend my crypto cash”. When bitcoin transactions were not worth much this worked great but when more people want to do the same thing at the same […]

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Earn interest on Bitcoin?

If you got into bitcoin in certain years the question is no longer “if” you made any money its “how much” money you made. There are millions of people out there called baby boomers who put too much faith in getting a 5-7% return on their portfolio to fund their retirement, that means if they […]

Finding opportunities in Bitcoin

Back when bitcoin was only bitcoin the conversation of opportunities was very different, it was more about selling things anonymously so darkweb marketplaces or buying hard to get things at qualities difficult to find previously. There was also mining, exchanges, news sites, casinos/gambling all revolving around a new decentralized digital currency. Then in 2015 after […]

Bitcash split: What you need to know

Now that the bitcash hard for is complete lets take a look at how things are going. $BCHABC Bitcash ABC $291.43 USD (18.48%) lead by Roger Ver of and backed by bitmain. $BCHSV Bitcash SV $93.39 USD (-47.27%) lead by fake satoshi Craig Wright attempting what is basically a hostile takeover of bitcash Either way you can bet whichever way […]

Will Bitcoin be like cash?

No. Short answer but it’s the truth. Bitcoin is more like a spreadsheet that keeps the history of every cell than cash which keeps none of that. Many countries have voluntarily become cashless with visa and mastercard being offered with contactless and chips for free and when you need to do one action instead of […]

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Korean’s pumping Bitcash

China recently went through a crack down making it virtually illegal to exchange bitcoins or cryptocurrencies. Many people speculated that the Chinese who struck it big in bitcoin would flee to Japan but if you look on a map you quickly see that South Korea (not North Korea which literally borders China) is much closer […]

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5 Problems with Bitcoin Cash

What is better than one group of people working on a project? Two groups of people working on a project assuming of course they are cooperating and not just attacking each other. Bitcoin Cash is just like this, a team of people took an existing open source project, said fork it, and went their own […]

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What is Bitcoin Cash?

Bitcoin Cash is the solution to one of bitcoins biggest issues, transaction scaling or how to handle the increasing demand for transaction processing on bitcoin. Bitcoin introduced SegWit or segregated witness which is the process by which the block size limit on a blockchain is increased by removing signature data from Bitcoin transactions but not […]

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Bitcoin Gold Money Grab

Have you ever wondered how Bitcoin forks make money? Sure they get their Bitcoin equivalent in their new version but that is pennies compared to what they end up with. After the folk happens there are no external miners allowed to collect the 1,800 Bitcoins a day ( generated so the creators claim them all […]